Using (Linux/MacOS only)


Only works on Linux or MacOS.

Create a directory which you want to install PocketMine-MP into, and cd into it.

Then use curl to install PocketMine-MP using the following command:

curl -sL | bash -s -

or, if you don’t have curl, try wget:

wget -q -O - | bash -s -
[*] Found PocketMine-MP Final_1.5dev (build 1254) using API 1.12.0
[*] This development build was released on Sat Jun 20 09:45:04 CEST 2015
[*] Installing/updating PocketMine-MP on directory ./
[1/3] Cleaning...
[2/3] Downloading PocketMine-MP Final_1.5dev-1254 phar... done!
[3/3] Obtaining PHP: detecting if build is available...
[3/3] MacOS 64-bit PHP build available, downloading PHP_5.6.10_x86-64_MacOS.tar.gz... checking... regenerating php.ini... done
[*] Everything done! Run ./ to start PocketMine-MP


It is recommended to run it as a normal user as it doesn’t need further permissions.

Do not run the installer as root, this is discouraged.


If the installer doesn’t work for you, try installing manually.