What’s the difference between PMMP and PocketMine?

In late 2015, Shoghi Cervantes was forced to stop developing PocketMine-MP due to conflicts with his job at Mojang. He had exclusive administrator privileges over almost all of the legacy PocketMine infrastructure, including the old PocketMine GitHub organization, the old PocketMine Forums, the old PocketMine website, and more besides.

Since he fell out of contact with everyone involved with PocketMine, the remaining team members were unable to maintain infrastructure, properly moderate the forums, or add new GitHub collaborators to maintain the code.

In September 2016, a collaboration of several members of the old PocketMine team, plus a new developer Dylan (@dktapps), formed a new organization called PMMP. To work around the inability to work on the old infrastructure, the following things were created:

and more besides.

In late 2017, Shoghi Cervantes endorsed PMMP as PocketMine’s successor on Twitter, and redirected many parts of the pocketmine.net domain to their corresponding parts of pmmp.io. The old PocketMine Forums remains for historical purposes.

Shoghi Cervantes also granted the PMMP team access to the PocketMine GitHub organization at that time, but the team chose not to use it since the PMMP GitHub organization had at that point been established for over a year and had already developed a lot of history of its own, such as issues, which were difficult to migrate at the time, and instead archived all the repositories and added redirections to the new PMMP GitHub organization.