PocketMine-MP includes a powerful permission system, similar in functionality to the one found in Bukkit. It allows fine-grained control of access to various parts of the server functionality, such as:

  • Ability to use individual commands

  • Whether or not the user can see administrative broadcasts when a command is used (e.g. when someone uses /op)

In addition, plugins can offer permissions to allow customising access to behaviours that they offer.

PocketMine-MP doesn’t directly offer any way to use permissions at the time of writing (August 2022), but you can find permission management plugins in the “Admin Tools” section on Poggit.

Built-in permissions


Permissions are referred to by names, which usually look something like

There’s no special requirements on permission names, but the de facto standard in community plugins is to separate the parts using ., and use a common prefix for permissions for similar things. For example all PocketMine-MP core commands have permissions using the prefix pocketmine.command..

Grouping permission nodes together

While most permissions affect one specific thing (e.g. whether or not a player is allowed to use a command), permissions may also automatically grant (or deny) other permissions when assigned. These special permissions are known as “group permissions”.

An example of a group permission is, which, when granted, grants permissions such as pocketmine.command.op.give which enable access to operator commands.

This is useful if you want to assign the same set of permissions to multiple users (or other groups).

Permission precedence

Because of group permissions, it’s possible that a user may receive multiple conflicting values for the same permission.

Permission values are resolved in the following order:

  • Explicitly overridden permissions take maximum priority. This means that, for example, a player can receive, but be denied pocketmine.command.op.give, allowing them access to all operator commands except /op.

  • If the permission is not overridden directly, the value from the most recently assigned group permission will be used.