Server behaviour

PocketMine-MP’s behaviour is controlled by several configuration files. You can edit them to change the behaviour of your server.

  • contains basic settings like the server name, port, maximum view distance, etc. These settings are all safe to change.

  • pocketmine.yml contains more advanced settings settings like memory usage, max thread count, etc. It also contains settings for loading multiple worlds.


It’s best to leave a setting alone if you don’t understand what it’s for. Many settings in pocketmine.yml can break your server if configured incorrectly.


To edit configs on Windows, right-click on the file → Open With → Choose another app → Notepad.

Resource packs

resource_packs.yml is found in the resource_packs folder.

Read more about installing resource packs.

Player permissions

There are several files that allow you to control player permissions on your server:

  • ops.txt is a simple list of player names that have “op” permissions on your server. Ops can do more things than regular players, like giving items, teleporting, stopping the server and more.

  • banned-players.txt lists names of players that are banned from your server.

  • banned-ips.txt lists IPs that are not allowed to connect to your server. This is useful for troublesome players who change accounts and keep coming back to hassle you.


You can modify these by using slash commands instead of editing the files directly. See /op, /deop, /ban, /unban, /ban-ip and /unban-ip.