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PocketMine-MP is a custom server software for the Minecraft: Bedrock family of Minecraft editions (includes Android, iOS, W10 and others).

What features does it have?

  • A powerful plugin API, which allows you to extend and customize your server far more easily and extensively than any competing server implementations, including the official vanilla server.

  • Multi-world support, allowing you to offer a more varied game experience to players without transferring them to other server nodes.

  • Performance fit to hold 100+ players (depends on hardware, see the Setup requirements section).

  • Continuously updated to support latest Minecraft versions. PocketMine-MP has the longest and best track record of any custom server for compatibility with new Minecraft versions.


PocketMine-MP is NOT a complete vanilla server, and it doesn’t have some features you would find in the vanilla game.

If you just want to play survival multiplayer and don’t care about plugins, you should consider using the official Minecraft: Bedrock server software instead of using PocketMine-MP.

Frequently Asked Questions & Common Issues

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