Update using https://get.pmmp.io (Linux/MacOS only)

You can use get.pmmp.io to update as well as install from scratch.

See the section Using https://get.pmmp.io (Linux/MacOS only).

Update manually

Update PHP binary

  1. Download the PHP binary for your OS (Downloads)

  2. Delete the bin directory in your server folder.

  3. Extract the new PHP binary. You should see a new bin directory has been created.

Updating PocketMine-MP

  1. Delete your current PocketMine-MP.phar

  2. Download the updated PocketMine-MP phar you want to use (Downloads)

  3. Change the name to PocketMine-MP.phar

  4. Place it in the server folder


Don’t forget to rename the file to PocketMine-MP.phar